Saturday, February 26, 2011

Post 5

I waited a day to post my annotated bibliography because I had a meeting scheduled for today to meet with last year’s Halloween event coordinator for Grandfamilies. Unfortunately she had to cancel. I work with at-risk youth and have spoken with several people over the past few weeks who have given me tips about fundraising for a youth event, and possible targets. There information has been valuable and I felt that I could learn the best from those who have done what I am setting out to do. I continued to search the internet for articles and resources and I’ve found some valuable information that will help with this process. Here are a few of the many articles which I’ve found, and I’m continually searching for more.
This article had an important section titled “Getting to Yes” and it showed the steps to take after sending the initial letter, or contacting the organization for the first time.
This review had some great tips for fundraising, especially during the economic downfall. There were two sections that will be extremely beneficial and they are “fish where the big fish are” and “strengthen your case.”
Hosting an Event
Here website is more for small businesses but the section “21 Tips” contains some key principles that will lead to a successful event.
This article has been extremely helpful with providing information about the overall process of hosting a fundraising event. It focuses on the strategy of hosting an event and how to be successful.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Post 4

Right now, I am gathering information from those who have hosted events with this organization before. I plan on talking with more people who coordinate events, because I feel that face to face interactions will be more meaningful for me opposed to finding articles on the internet. I have been searching the internet for steps to coordinate an event and to raise money for a non-profit. These sites have been very bland and haven't provided me with anything new. I will continue to look though. As I'm meeting with these professionals who have done what I've set out to do, I'll document our conversations and all that they have to share. If anybody has done something similar or has raised money for an organization, I would love to have a minute of your time to hear the valuable information and knowledge which you've received.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Post 3

So I have a company that will work with me for my Senior Thesis. I will be coordinating, planning, and executing a Halloween Party for the non-profit organization Grandfamilies. This organization is for Grandparents who take care of their Grandkids, because the childrens parents are unfit to do so. I will be in charge of providing these kids with a memorable Halloween activity. I will also be in charge of getting donations for this event, and finding a sponsor who could provide dinner, and volunteers. I will have to use rhetoric to get this help and plan on contacting multiple organizations so that these kids can have a wonderful event that will greatly influence their lives.
Please let me know what you think and any ideas that you may have about my thesis.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Post 2

After spending a week brainstorming and working toward a certain project I'm pleased to announce that progress has been made. I am a Hospitality Management and English major, and feel that the best way to incorprate these two emphases will be to host an event for underprivledged youth. I will use my Hospitality Management to arrange, and host an event while focusing on service as the most important priority that I'll undertake. I'll use English to bring to pass my ideas, by getting support from local organizations and companies from this area. Through letter writing, and speaking to businesses I will get support to execute this event. I originally had an idea to do a sports theme but after speaking to several non-profit organizations I know that I need to cater to the childrens needs, and when I decide upon a non-profit organization that will be sponsoring me for this event, I will know which needs I need to focus on.
I have chosen to do this event for the youth because I believe that their is nothing greater and more important than reaching out to the children and showing them that they matter, and that people care about them. Hopefully this experience will inspire, motivate, and make them happy.
I have spoken the organizations Grandkids, and Discovery House about sponsoring me for this event. I need a non-profit organization to work with so that those who donate to the cause, will be able to donate to a company and not an individual. I have arranged to speak with more non-profit organizations and will be deciding which group I will throw this event for next week.
I am interesting in knowing if anybody has a non-profit organization in mind that they feel could benefit from an event like this.
Please give me alot of feedback and ideas about how I could improve my project.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Senior Thesis Project

I am struggling with ideas about how to integrate my two emphases into a senior thesis. My emphases are Hospitality Management and English. As of now, I'm planning on throwing a sports themed event for underprivileged youth. I'll soon post my ideas for this event, and the reasons why I feel it's necessary. If anybody has ideas about how to integrate my two emphases for a different project, I'd be more than interested to hear them. Thanks.