Saturday, February 12, 2011

Post 3

So I have a company that will work with me for my Senior Thesis. I will be coordinating, planning, and executing a Halloween Party for the non-profit organization Grandfamilies. This organization is for Grandparents who take care of their Grandkids, because the childrens parents are unfit to do so. I will be in charge of providing these kids with a memorable Halloween activity. I will also be in charge of getting donations for this event, and finding a sponsor who could provide dinner, and volunteers. I will have to use rhetoric to get this help and plan on contacting multiple organizations so that these kids can have a wonderful event that will greatly influence their lives.
Please let me know what you think and any ideas that you may have about my thesis.


  1. Drew,

    My first piece of advice is that you record every step of this process in detail. An important part of your thesis will be the report on how the project developed and what you learned along the way. Keep notes on everything, including personal notes to yourself about your thoughts following each interaction, solicitation, step in planning, and so forth. They will be invaluable for you to draw on later, both for your written thesis and for your professional development.

  2. fantastic group. That's as close to a youth group as you'll need, and they are a non-popular demographic, so it's really good publicity for them.

    do you have sponsor sources? Do you know anything about writing grants, or is that even an option?

  3. I was thinking that since you are looking for donations and sponsors, last year I ran for student government here at UVU and I didn't know how willing companies would be to help. Remember that businesses are always looking to benefit themselves and in economic times like these any company is just looking for publicity and more customers. You could easily go to stores like JO-Anns for decorations, Cafe Rio, Zupas or Chucky Cheese for catering/food and ask them to give what they can (especially since it's for a good cause) and in return keep a box of their flyers by the front door, or give a shout out when you are welcoming everyone to the party, ya know, say something to the effect of "we'd like to thank our sponsors, Jo-Anns for the decorations, Zupas for catering, me for throwing this party... blah blah" You get what I'm saying. I promise, once you get going and talking one on one to local businesses people will be happy to help, you just have to get the guts to ask.

  4. Also, I am sure tons of people in the class would love to help out at the party, not a problem there. You have a lot of resources with just a class full of integrated studies kids, it's like the double the talents for half the people. :) And also, I know a really fantastic band that might be fun to have there. They are good friends of mine and I'm sure they'd love to participate, let me know if that's of any interest to you.

  5. Drew,
    this is splendid progress! It is real, actual, and doable.
    Now, as Mark suggested, document, think, plan, record, and do as much in advance as possible!

  6. Drew,

    Stay in front of me on this activity and I should be available to come and provide my photography background to help document the event and maybe we can set-up a fun little photo booth for the grandparents and kids to have their photos taken.