Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Post 7

I'm extremely excited that I have the opportunity to do this thesis project, and that it will be another rewarding thing to experience before graduation. I met with one of the directors of Grandfamilies this past week, and they were grateful and excited that I'm going to help them with their Halloween event. It's something that the youth and their families look forward to and I want to make it spectacular for them. I was told to wait on fundraising because organizations usually won't commit to something when it's several months away. Although I can't do it yet I have organizations in mind and I'm trying to speak with the right people about it.
I see this as far away from now, but I know that it will creep up on me if I'm not fully prepared. I have a list of activities and ideas for the event, and now I'm trying to prepare my proposal, so that everybody else can capture the vision that I see.
Got to go. Work to do.
"The only thing worse than being blind, is being able to see and not having a vision."

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Post 6

For my Senior Thesis project I will be integrating my two emphases, English and Hospitality Management, to coordinate a Halloween activity for unfortunate youth in Utah. Through fundraising for the event, coordinating activities, and providing a memorable experience for these kids and their families I will build experience for a future career while contributing to the community.
For this project I want to get several organizations to donate with this event by providing food, entertainment, and donations for the organization so that they can best help the youth and families that they work with. I’m currently researching companies in the area who donate to non-profit organizations and have the means to do so. I plan on providing publicity for these companies who help by having KSL write about the event, and possibly attend it. (I have connections with KSL) I am researching activities that would be enjoyable for this type of event, while talking with the organization about their needs and wants. By the end of this semester I’ll have a detailed plan of everything I need for this event to happen. I need to continually talk with those who have experience with this type of work, and find articles that will help me have a better understanding of what I need to do.
Event Planning