Saturday, March 5, 2011

Post 6

For my Senior Thesis project I will be integrating my two emphases, English and Hospitality Management, to coordinate a Halloween activity for unfortunate youth in Utah. Through fundraising for the event, coordinating activities, and providing a memorable experience for these kids and their families I will build experience for a future career while contributing to the community.
For this project I want to get several organizations to donate with this event by providing food, entertainment, and donations for the organization so that they can best help the youth and families that they work with. I’m currently researching companies in the area who donate to non-profit organizations and have the means to do so. I plan on providing publicity for these companies who help by having KSL write about the event, and possibly attend it. (I have connections with KSL) I am researching activities that would be enjoyable for this type of event, while talking with the organization about their needs and wants. By the end of this semester I’ll have a detailed plan of everything I need for this event to happen. I need to continually talk with those who have experience with this type of work, and find articles that will help me have a better understanding of what I need to do.
Event Planning


  1. Drew,

    you're spot on when you write that you'll have a "detailed plan of everything" you need "for this event to happen" by the end of the term and that you need "to continually talk with those who have experience with this type of work and find articles" that you can use as well. Now, we need to see regular posts updating the specifics of the plan and annotating the sources (live experts or articles) that you've found. Otherwise, you'll find yourself with a week to go in the semester still saying that by the end of the semester you'll have a detailed plan, etc.

  2. I'd just add that a list of sources is good and an expanded and better list of sources you have posted notes on is better.

  3. When it comes to getting press coverage, previews are always better (more useful to those involved) than reviews. Perhaps you could contact various local newspapers/radio stations etc. and request coverage beforehand in an attempt to garner more funds and support from the local community. If you get press coverage you can take those articles into local businesses and show them that people care about the work you are doing and they will be more likely to get involved. You should contact the UVU Review and tell them what you are working on. That would be a good place to start.